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May 23 2018

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Lods, France (by @Lain G,)

May 22 2018





if you’re white. being,,,not straight ,,does not give you a “poc card”. i think a lot of you think it does. like being ,,not straight,,does not mean you can seperate yourself from other white people.

@appuzzoclay nicely said

white people. you can reblog this. especially if you’re not straight.

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“Don’t disappear at a time like this!“

May 21 2018

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So I have my yearly employee evaluation thing on Thursday which I’m thinking of using as an occasion to come out to my boss. It’s already stressful in itself (would be even without the CO bit) but I noticed a tiny stupid detail while in his office today and now I’m honestly worried about it which is inconvenient and stupidly timed lbh.

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i’m not coping well

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A jedi like those before me

Happy May the fourth <3

May 20 2018

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Digimon Adventure: A Summary


Just sent messages to my maternal grandparents and my little cousin to tell them about the trans thing so they have some time to get used to it before my holidays in July…wish me luck!








I cannot emphasize enough how much you need to read thoroughly through the terms of any publication before you send your writing to them. It is mandatory that you know and understand what rights you’re giving away when you’re trying to get published.

Just the other day I was emailed by a relatively new indie journal looking for writers. They made it very clear that they did not pay writers for their work, so I figured I’d probably be passing, but I took a look at their Copyright policy out of curiosity and it was a nightmare. They wanted “non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide license and right to use, display, reproduce, distribute, and publish the Work on the internet and on or in any medium” (that’s copy and pasted btw) and that was the first of 10 sections on their Copyright agreement page. Yikes. That’s exactly the type of publishing nightmare you don’t want to be trapped in. 

Most journals will ask for “First North American Rights” or a variation on “First Rights” which operate under the assumption that all right revert back to you and they only have the right to be the first publishers of the work. That is what you need to be looking for because you do want to retain all the rights to your work. 

You want all rights to revert back to you upon publication in case you, say, want to publish it again in the future or use it for a bookmark or post it on your blog, or anything else you might want to do with the writing you worked hard on. Any time a publisher wants more than that, be very suspicious. Anyone who wants to own your work forever and be able to do whatever they want with it without your permission is not to be trusted. Anyone who wants all that and wants you to sign away your right to ever be paid for your work is running a scam.

Protect your writing. It’s not just your intellectual property, it’s also your baby. You worked hard on it. You need to do the extra research to protect yourself so that a scammer (or even a well meaning start up) doesn’t steal you work right from under you nose and make money off of it.

Exclusive publishing rights have to have a set time frame! Do not agree to anything that doesn’t clearly state “up to five years from signature” or something like that. 

What if the publisher goes defunct? What if they get bought by another publisher who doesn’t care to promote or publish your work? You still can’t to anything with it, you don’t own it anymore!

For a thorough overview of what you should be aware of regarding your intellectual property and publishing rights, please read through this collection of post [https://kriswrites.com/business-musings/contracts-and-dealbreakers/] by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Protect your IP. Do not give away your stories.

Every writer needs to read this before signing that contract:

Writer Beware!


@deadcatwithaflamethrower i think it might interest you (if not directly for you then it might be of interest for your followers)

This is one of the many reasons that you do not publish your work through Amazon. They contractually own your property in perpetuity, i.e. forever, if you use their publishing service. Theft, okay? Stuff like the above is legal theft. Watch your asses, loves.

(And it’s one of the reasons I’m so screamingly frustrated about not being able to devote any spoons to running Altered Nature Press, because one of its main tenants was I Don’t Own Your Work, You Own All Of Your Work Forever.)

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So much green,so much light…


Author meme

Thanks for the tag, @takingoffmyshoes ​ :D

What is your total word count on AO3?

762 677 words. 14 years of fic writing will do that to you I guess. (I mean, I only joined AO3 in 2011, but I crossposted)

How often do you write?

Well I don’t really have set regularity, and I barely touched anything in the past few months (my tmfu fic exchange piece is going so sloooooow xD) but Julie and I do try to have write ins on a semi regular basis, when we can so…when we manage that, at least once a month, I guess x)

Do you have a routine for writing?

Eh. I like to settle in with instrumental music that fits the mood I’m looking for. Other than that, it’s mostly just throwing words on the page and pretty much waiting until I’m done with the first draft before I figure out where I want to go.

What’s your favorite kinks/tropes/pairing?

Okay, this is stupid but I’m actually drawing a blank there. I’d use the still-recent realization of my own transness as an excuse except I’m not sure that’s how it works. Mmmh, lemme see. Well, I like writing love stories, by which I mean romances but also I feel like in recent time it’s been layered over with more platonic aspects of relationships as well. I think I like giving my protagonists the things I want for myself: people who accept and love them as they are, without conditions. so maybe that counts for a trope. Oh, and for a while there I apparently wrote a lot of people kicking at pigeons in the streets.

For kinks mmmh….I like worship fics, and also mild overstimulation. The rest is more shifting I think.

For pairings, I guess I have a thing for people who (I feel) can snark/poke at one another? Because if I have to do a headcount of the pairings that stayed with me over the years (Taiyama from Digimon Adventure, KuroFai from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and FrostIron from the MCU) plus my most recent obsession (Napollya from The Man From U.N.C.L.E) that’s one of thair main features. Also, that’s how I wrote most of my original pairings, so.

Do you have a favorite fic of yours?

You know, it’s funny because I read this question the first time and my mind instantly went to SEADLA, which I recently declared officially dead and discontinued. I think part of it is because SEADLA is, in a way, the fic of my life. Not in the sense that I will never write anything that good again (I have other fics of mine that I like, which I’m now trying to organize in a series/collection thanks to this game) but as I stated when I discontinued the fic I think this is probably the story where the characters are the most me. Where their conflicts align the most to mine. I think part of the reason why my attempted ‘do-over’ of this fic didn’t work out was because it was an emotional retelling of my life (albeit with artistic liberties) and you don’t get a do-over for life. You just move forward.

Anyway, it’s in a weird state now, the original version is pretty much lost, but it’s still the one that was the most ‘me’ I guess. As for the others, they’re stuffed here now.

Your fic with the most kudos?

S.O.S Ecrits Avec De L’Air, which is linked above and has been topping that chart since 2012. (My five most kudoed fics are all FrostIron fics anyway…being one of the first people to write in what became a Big fandom was wild, let me tell you.)

Anything you don’t like about your writing?

I think sometimes I get too fancy with trying to show emotions rather than tell readers what the characters are feeling, and it gets confusing. I get too absorbed in how they feel and how that makes their bodies react, and just lose the thread of what’s happening in the physical, interpersonal work. The smell of candle wax is actually a particularly intense example of that tbh.

Now something you do like?

I think I’m good at people. Possibly a certain kind of people, but I’ve gotten enough compliment on how I handle relationships of various kinds in my works that I think this is one of my strong points?

Also the kind of emotional 180° you find in real life but slightly less so in fiction (ie. characters screaming at one another one minute, and then laughing together like school children the next. I think I do that pretty okay, and even if I don’t I enjoy doing it, so.)

I tag: @dreamychaos@aphrodites-bloody-rose, @trovia, @kawuli, @fel-as-in-tumbld, @sabaceanbabe@maverlok@talysalankil and anyone else who’d like to do the meme and I’ve forgotten to include here :3

(And of course, no pressure if you’d rather not do it :P)

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May 19 2018

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“I assure you, brother. The sun will shine on us again.”

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End of Pride :3



I’ve been awake to see the day devour the night, 1.2k, infinity war fix-it au type thing because yeah I’m gonna keep doing these even as I work on my long ones (slowly)

The Hulk was losing.

You’ve already lost, howled a frantic, terrified voice in the back of Loki’s head. You lost the moment you took the Tesseract, the moment Thanos’s ship appeared, the moment you let go and fell into his hands-

Dammit, if he was going to go down, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He gathered himself, steeled his nerve, forcing a full breath into his lungs. He needed to play this carefully, more carefully than he ever had before, this was the moment where all his lies might actually do some good–

Just as he was about to stand, someone grabbed him from behind and hauled him back, a hand over his mouth. Instinctively, Loki jabbed back with his elbow, twisting to lash out and summoning one of his daggers.

“Stop fighting,” hissed a very familiar voice in his ear. “We don’t have much time. Norns, I was supposed to be here earlier–”

Afficher davantage

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I tried to stay away from spoilers but now it’s too late. My heart is shattered and I am dying inside. I hope at least Thor is alive, otherwise everything including this comic has no sense…

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May 18 2018

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I love you, my sons.








tag game: what would your name be if your parents had named you like edward and bella named renesmee (renée + esme) 

i thought id have a good laugh doing this and then i remembered both my grandma’s names are mary ann

I’d be either Brevelyn or Evenda?

The only logical portmanteau is Jellie

augret is a fucking amazing name why wasn’t i called that

Elvice. Can’t believe my parents missed out on the amazing opportunity to name me ELVICE. (Elvira + Eunice)

Either Yvandrée or Andrette. Or, if I were cis, Berjean.

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