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NaNo Setting Week: Real World  and Historical Resources

October 31 2017


October 30 2017



What people think writing is like: careful planning and thought out plotlines

What writing is actually like: being possessed by an idea that you are constantly arguing with

October 27 2017


NaNoWriMo Prep: How to Write 2000 Words a Day



Two thousand is a big number. Sitting down to write 2000 words can be extremely intimidating, so the first thing you should do is make that number friendlier.

Write 500 words in 4 writing sessions.  

Chop up that big, intimidating number. Start with a goal of 500 words. In one session, with no breaks, write them all. Take a break, then write the next 500. Repeat until you reach at least 2000. 

If you write 650 words in one session, don’t aim for 350 in the next. Let those extra words add up. A few hundred extra words each day will get you to 50k quicker than you could imagine.

I recommend timing your sessions, aiming for 20 minutes each time. The deadline will help you get the words out, With 10 minute breaks between each session, you can reach your 2000 word goal in two hours. Which brings me to the next point: 

Write fast. 

Don’t stop and think about your words. Don’t go back and improve a previous sentence. Save all of your edits for later. Focus on writing as quickly as possible, throwing everything you have at that blank page. This will actually help boost your creativity. Make your brain work so fast, be so focused, that it doesn’t have any space to doubt itself and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with. 

But don’t worry if you can’t write 500 words in 20 minutes on day one. Writing quickly is a skill and it will take a few days of training. 

Let the words suck.

This is absolutely key if you want a high word count. When you’re writing an entire chapter in a day, you shouldn’t expect the words to be beautiful. You’re not aiming at lyrical prose. You’re mining raw material that you can work into art later.

Letting the words suck can include:

  • Writing [something happens here] in place of a scene.
  • Letting yourself use cliches as shorthand.
  • Dialog that is really exposition.
  • Long descriptions of things that don’t matter.
  • Letting your characters ramble until you discover what it is they actually need to say.

As long as there are 2000 words and they relate to your story, they’re exactly what you need. And if you hate having bad words on a page, once you have your 2000 for a day, you can go back and fix all of it. Take all the time you need. Just reach that word count first. 

Tip: if you do edit at the end of each day, make that a separate document from your official NaNo doc. This way, you can trim scenes, descriptions, and dialog without worrying about its effect on your word count. (If you make a scene/description/sentence longer, feel free to include that in your NaNo doc.) 

Don’t know what to write next?

So you’ve written 1200 words, completed a scene, and you have no idea where the story is going next. Here are some things you can do to get those 800 words in anyway:

  • Go to writeordie.com and FORCE the words out.
  • If that doesn’t work, reread the scene you’ve just written and see if you’re missing some obvious foreshadowing, some clue as to where the story’s headed. (You can also add a few lines to bulk up your wc.)
  • If that fails, take a walk and let the fresh air usher a solution to you.
  • If that fails, skip the next section. Write another scene. Go where the story is waiting for you. Come back to the other scene at a later time.

Helpful tip:

Instead of breaking your writing session into four parts, break it into five. Use your first writing session to sketch out an entire chapter, like an outline, but with bits and pieces of dialog and description. Figure out where you’re headed and a couple of key stops along the way. Knowing what you’re writing towards will make doing the actual, fleshed-out writing much easier and quicker.

You can also do an outline for the next day’s writing after you’ve gotten your 2000 words for the day in. Future you will be extremely pleased.

October 25 2017


Playing house


FANDOM: Saint Seiya
ERIES: None (but it is TBU - compatible)
ATING: Teen and Up
HARACTER(S): Pisces Aphrodite, Scorpius Milo
ENRE: Budding friendships
UMMARY: Aphrodite need to do some shopping. Milo is…not exactly overwhelmed with enthusiasm at the prospect.
OTE(S)Rwritten on a prompt from @dreamychaos : #90 “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.” I feel like I could have gone further with the humorous aspects of this but it’ll be 1am soon and I’ve just realized I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow so…have this as a first response! I’ll try to touch it up this weekend, see if I can do better on the funny scale :P

Thanks for giving me my first occasion to write a non-antagonistic Milo though :3

<!-- more -->

“You are aware that you’re being a gigantic killjoy, right?”

Milo rolls his eyes, and Aphrodite bites on a sigh. Say what you want about painfully prideful people, but they are ridiculously easy to get where you want them to, provided you know which way they’ll run and when to stop with the goading. Milo, whose notion of honor lies in principles rather than arrogance or insecurities, has an infuriating tendency not to move at all, and Aphrodite has yet to figure his buttons out.

“Come on,” Aphrodite insists again, just in case, “it’s just a little bit of interior decoration!”

“Stop insisting,” Milo says while he drops something that smells like jasmine in his latest perfume vial, “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

“It’s just a couple of wood planks!”

Aphrodite should, probably, be a little embarrassed at how whiny he sounds right now, but if he didn’t learn to maintain classical masculine pride up until now, he’s certainly not going to start just because Milo is being an uncooperative butt. Besides, you never know: if goading him doesn’t work, maybe being annoying will.

“They’re in Paris!” Milo snaps, finally turning away from his project, and almost pops a vein when Aphrodite shrugs:

“Actually the town’s called Bobigny.”

It’s highly probable Aphrodite enjoys the twitch of Milo’s eye more than he should. It’s not even revenge anymore at this point, just the pure, unadulterated joy of being a shithead just because he can. Sure, it got Aphrodite socked in the face more than a couple time but hey, that’s the price to pay when you like playing with people’s nerves.

“Aphrodite. I’m not running three thousand kilometers just so you can tell me you don’t like the shape of a closet or the color of glasses.”

“That’s not going to happen,” Aphrodite promises, “since I’m coming with you.”

He’s got to admit he’s kind of impressed with the way Milo manages to choke on thin air.

“You want me to do a twenty-eight hours drive just so you can buy a couple of closets?”

“No,” Aphrodite says, allowing just enough of a silence between them for Milo to start dreaming about relief before he finishes: “I want to buy a furnished kitchen, a bedroom set and enough bookcases to fill an entire room with them.”

Scratch that bit about choking—Milo’s face at that last bit deserves to be framed and mounted on a wall. He goes crimson in the blink of an eye, hair all but raising up on his head as he tries to figure out the proper order of words to express how insane Aphrodite is exactly. It’s an expression Aphrodite is very familiar with, if only because Anchise wears it awfully often around him.

In the end, unlike Anchise, Milo deflates and sighs like the weight of the world just fell back on his shoulders before he runs a hand over his face and sighs:

“Fine. For you to insist that much it must be important—”

“Oh, shove your entire honor up your ass, Manicure,” Aphrodite snaps, shoving at Milo’s shoulder without restraint, “I don’t need a knight in golden armor!”

Milo pauses, clearly confused, and Aphrodite has to rein in an eye roll of his own. He knows exactly what Milo is about to say, and it does nothing but solidify his conviction that the next god he meets will get a solid punch in the nose. Possibly somewhere it hurts more.

“I…just said I’d do what you want me to?”

“No,” Aphrodite counters with a concerted effort not to sound like he’s addressing a toddler, “you just said ‘I don’t want to do this but I’m too noble to say no’. What I want to hear is ‘fine, I’ll do it ‘cause we’re friends’.”

“Is ‘I’ll do it because you’re being a thorn in my side’ an acceptable substitute or is that a Death Mask exclusivity?”

Aphrodite glares at the dig, and Milo’s expression shifts to constipated apology before he really has time to enjoy his bit of cleverness. To be fair, it’s not like Anchise doesn’t do the same when discussing Milo with Aphrodite, but Aphrodite doesn’t let him get away with it either. Besides, ‘I’m doing this to make you shut up’ may be what people hear when Anchise speaks, but it’s not what he says.

Aphrodite just doesn’t expect the others to realize that anytime soon.

“Right,” Milo mutters, reluctant but sincere, “sorry. Look, is it really that important to you?”

“I know I like being annoying,” Aphrodite replies with a roll of his eyes, “but I do know when to quit a joke.”

Milo looks at him for a long time, speculative face on, and Aphrodite can’t help but remember how much of a snotty asshole Camus was as a child. Used to look down on the rest, that one, too proud of his own smarts for his own good, constantly reminding everyone he was the smartest in the Sanctuary, until they were all separated for their out-of-bounds training. Milo got into a lot of stupid shit, as a kid, but he and Camus were friends since day one.

Maybe it’s not that surprising that he ends up sighing, softer but somehow more tired, and not-quite-asking:

“It’s for him, isn’t it?”

“I would have asked someone else but Saga’s not in a state to face the outside world, and experience showed Shaka is the worst shopping partner in the universe. That makes you my only real option.”

It’s easy to see the moment Milo decides not to ask why Anchise can’t come and shop for his own new furniture. Aphrodite isn’t sure what stops the words from spilling out: friendship for him? Principled refusal to get involved in  fellow Saint’s issues? An unshakable dislike of anything Anchise-related? It’s anyone’s guess, really. Most likely, it’s a mix of the three, but either way, Milo stops short of asking the difficult question, and Aphrodite gives him a thankful smile for it.

He’s not sure these two will ever manage to tolerate each other, but if they can learn to pretend like they don’t actually hate each other’s guts Aphrodite is willing to take it.

“Alright,” Milo says at last, a rueful smile playing at the edge of his lips, “I’ll come along…but we’re doing doing some tourism as well.”

“Of course! I think I might manage to arrange a visit in a perfumer’s workshop, if you want.”

Milo’s face brightens at the prospect, surprisingly enthusiastic about getting to smell a ton of things Aphrodite wouldn’t be able to tell apart if his life depended on it. It’s the good part of being friends with the guy: once you start figuring out what he likes, he actually has very few restraints about showing he’s pleased. Sometimes, that kind of easy response is a refreshing change from the abysses of subtlety wrapped around Aphrodite’s relationship with Anchise.

“Oh, one last thing,” Milo says, one finger raising up as if to silence Aphrodite’s question, “you’re driving. The whole way there.”

This time it’s Aphrodite’s time to choke on thin air, but it’s okay. He’ll just make sure to play terrible pop cassette tapes the whole time.




Writing the copyright page is legitimately giving me a heart attack. Either that or I’ve fucked up my meds. Aaaaah. I’ve only ever had to do this for other people before. I can’t believe I’m writing my own copyright page.

Also hi it’s 4am and I’m still a raging insomniac, how we all doing?

Oh, educational moment, just in case you ever need to write one of these things, they are actually really simple. All it consists of is

  • The Copyright Statement 
  • “All rights reserved.” 

And that’s pretty much it. You can totally get away with  “© 2017 Author Name. All rights reserved.” if that’s all you want to write but it must include either the © symbol with date, or use of the actual phrase Copyright followed by date and name. Otherwise it doesn’t mean anything.

You can also get away with writing just all rights reserved if you want, but it’s often better to go into more detail, things like “all rights reserved, no element of this book may be recreated or distributed except with the express permission of [either your name or your publisher]” tend to hold up a lot better when it comes to suing someone for stealing your work, as does adding in the disclaimer spiel that all elements of the book are fictional and you totally didn’t base that one character on that one guy/place etc etc. You don’t technically need one, but it’s good to have. Like underwear ie cover your ass.

The copyright page is also a good place to give your contact details, such as author website or email, and to also credit your artists/editors/people who helped you get the book in print. If you are going through a place like Barnes and Noble for distribution, I think you need to buy your own ISBN regardless of whether  epub or not, but I’d need to look that up. As it stands you don’t need an ISBN for kindle publishing or self distribution, although I know some people think it’s a good idea to, and honestly it’s good if you can afford it. I can’t at the moment but I likely will at some point.

This is how the Hunger Pangs one currently looks:

Hunger Pangs. First Edition.
© 2017 by Joy Demorra. All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law. For permissions contact: [info @ weblink]

(This does not include fanfiction written for fun, you are welcome to play in my sandpit <3)

Please only purchase authorized electronic copies of this story. If you have somehow obtained this book through other means and have enjoyed it, please consider buying an official copy from [weblink]. 

The author appreciates your support and despite popular belief, does not subsist on the tears of readers alone.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

This book contains content of an explicit and mature themed nature, and is intended to be enjoyed by those of and above the age of consent.

The author does not assume responsibility for third-party websites or their contents. (As an aside, <—this is how I get out of saying I’m not responsible for the weird vampire kink y’all are gunna post on Ao3 just in case some puritan mob gets their pantaloons in a twist over it and decide I’m responsible for your lack of morals lol)

Cover art by _____; cover design and layout by _____.
Edited by _________

Digital copies of Hunger Pangs are available for purchase on Amazon, Patreon or by contacting Joy at [info @ weblink]

For Trade Paperback visit [weblink]. 

I’ll likely edit this again and run through it a few more times before I consider it finalized but yea. Job done. That’s a copyright page.

October 24 2017

3994 4502 500




I could not find a NaNo 2017 calendar I liked for the life of me. And the calendars I did find were either super colorful or funky in some other way.

So here are 15 calendars (as of now) you’re free to print! If you have a particular Google Font you admire, message me and I’ll make you a calendar with it. It’ll take, like, two seconds.

@writeblrconnections, and anyone else, feel free to spread the word!

Take a look at these fantastic calendars from member @bymeganwithmeraki!

October 23 2017


kawuli replied to your post “Okay but literally the dude thing so far changed nothing but at the…”
I have no experience here, but could you pretend your double life is because you are a SUPER SPY and no one must know your true identity? I sometimes do stuff like that for much less important “I have to act like not-me” but I haven’t a clue if it’d help you…

Mmmh, I thinkit could work for some people, and in a context where safety would be a concern I would most likely use it (as a matter of fact, I’m filing the idea away just in case) but in this case I’m not worried about being physically assaulted or anything (I *might* need to be careful re: my big bosses but physically speaking I don’t think I’d really need to be afraid? At least not from my coworkers. Plus, I’m fairly sure trans men are less vulnerable than trans women, anyway).

Plus, I really don’t want to hide it anyway? I mean, I will if necessary, but it’s not my first idea. There’s nothing shameful about my status as a trans person and I’m 99% sure I’ll be happier as a guy than I ever was as a woman (and honestly, I think 27years of waiting is enough, no? * siriusblack.gif *:P)

I’m not sure how articulate I’m being here but basically, for now I’m not saying anything because it’s kinda awkward and I haven’t figured out al my answers yet (I would honestly prefer to have ready answers for people’s inevitable questions) more than actual pressing external factors, so I’m not sure the Spy pretense would work well for me in this case?

I don’t know, really. I guess I also just don’t like not being entirely truthful on that kind of matters, so that doesn’t help.

Ah, well. I’ll try it out and see if it works :P


Okay but literally the dude thing so far changed nothing but at the same time it changed everything so fast it’s ridiculous. I mean.

<!-- more -->

I haven’t really told anyone yet (although big up to Julie for noticing and accepting it!) mostly bc I’d feel weird asking people to change pronouns use when I’m still not able to consistently and effortlessly refer to myself with masculine pronouns/haven’t really go the means to present as a dude (and also because it’s scary as fuck, LBH) but also it’s just…way easier to deal with myself now ?

I can look at my face in a mirror you guys ! Okay, so sometimes I end up grinning like a moron, but still ! I don’t remember being able to do that ever in 27 years of life. I also, weirdly enough, don’t feel so umcomfy about my chest anymore (although I do try to minimize it when outside now, even if that’s not exactly an easy task) because it’s switched from ‘mandatory reminder that you are a GIRL’ to ‘whatever, dude with boobs, that happens’ which is actually pretty cool !

Also I get the opportunity to think about a lot of things re : masculinity and how I want (or don’t want) to take part in it, or how I want to deal with stuff once I’m out (honestly, pretty much the same as I dealt with the lesbian thing: pretend like I don’t realize this can be a big deal to people and stay away from people who make it into one). Also the prospect of sex is…okay, still not simple because I’m not entirely sure what kind of partner I’d like anymore, but at least it seems less complicated now that the idea of having sex ‘as a woman’ isn’t in the picture anymore.

It’s just…I mean. It’s kind of weird because I feel like I’m living a double life, sort of, and I don’t like that bit—honestly, I wish I could just snap my fingers and be done with that hassle—and also I have no idea how to go about asking people to change the way they refer to me, eventually* but damn the impact on my ‘internal life’ so to speak, is already pretty impressive and I like it a lot :3

*I am purposefully not thinking about that too much for now. My non-anxiety over this has limits :P

pourquoi un crêpière? Pour éviter de devoir allumer la gazinière ?

Moui alors la je pense qu’on a un problème de régionalisme parce que ce que j’appelle une crêpière c’est une poêle très très plate qui sert, donc, à faire des crêpes. Genre ça :

Ce à quoi (je pense que) tu fais référence ça serait plutôt ça ?

Et moi j’appelle ça un bilik (ou une plancha à la limite, si c’est carré)…aucune idée de l’orthographe par contre, mais j’avais une pote bretonne à la fac qui appelait ça comme ça et c’est resté :P

Après, je sais pas si ça aiderait avec le problème de température vu qu’il faut quand même le chauffer mais je suis pas expert hein x)


Bad news: I’ve reached the end of available Saiyuki pages on KissManga.

Good news: I can now go and discover Saiyuki Gaiden


ohwhatamidoinghere replied to your post “grand-duc replied to your post “fel-as-in-tumbld replied to your…”
tu veux acheter une crêpière ??? HECK YEAH?!

Yep! Mais du coup je vais ptet attendre Novembre parce que j’ai dépensé plus que prévu ce mois ci xD

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Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill - Behind the Scenes of A New Hope







tbh nothing is weirder to me than manly grimdark dudebro lord of the rings bc it’s just??? the epitome of light and love to me???? no narrative embodies hope and gentleness and healing like lotr does why must you insist on talking to me about badass aragorn vs. useless frodo. that’s not the point brad

I feel like this is also why so many of the post-LOTR Tolkien ripoffs are so terrible! It’s people pulling from Tolkien when they fundamentally don’t understand what makes Tolkien work. You get all these stories written by people who don’t think Frodo was worthy of his plotline and so they give it to their Aragorn expy instead, and it’s dull and boring and totally lacks the themes and the heart that make LOTR an important, enduring story.

#lord of the rings is about beauty and love and good and hope and gentleness in the face of overwhelming sadness and darkness#less about the battlefields and more about frodo and Sam holding hands through Shelob’s lair#and Galadriel’s star-glass in the darkness of mordor#overwhelmingly the point is beauty and love#even though those things are tinged in sadness#the reason I can never get into any other fantasy stories is because they focus on the battles and the hardship#and not about the beauty and the love and the sadness#‘I will not say do not weep for not all tears are an evil’ (tags from @greyacedipperpines)

when Aragorn shows up in Gondor no one cares who he is until he gets to the Houses of Healing, because the proof of true kingship is not being able to fight real good, it’s having “the hands of a healer”

so Aragorn calls his friends back from the darkness with little more than a gentle touch and a loving voice (and some plants, but it’s pretty clear that the plants alone aren’t enough) and that’s when the rumors spread through Gondor that the King has returned because the love of a king has this great power

like… that’s the big moment. washing his friends’ wounds and telling them they’re going to be okay. this is not macho! it’s not badass! I mean… in a way it’s actually really fucking badass that someone can get stabbed by a knife made of evil and Aragorn doesn’t even have to raise his voice when he says “not today,” but it’s not, like, standard fantasy badass.

All in favor of making this the new standard of fantasy badassery

Not a sword-brandishy roaring of bloody sweaty NOT TODAY, but more a gentle, tired, and deeply loving, “Nah”

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Welcoming back your friend when you thought they were dead five minutes ago, a lesson by Legolas.

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sooo my sister just sent this to me and I am pissed tf off 

as someone who is Native American, I would be thrilled to walk into the Disney store and see Pocahontas merch. she was one of my favourites as a kid, still is my hero - for being brave, strong, wonderous, selfless, and teaching a lesson that most adults today can even begin to grasp (love is more important than hate). I have 2 Disney stores within driving distance of me and neither of them ever carry merch from this movie (if they do, it’s the rare, rare Meeko plushie) but if I saw some, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.

the real point I’m trying to make here: it’s Disney. it’s for children. willing to bet the dress in the photo wouldn’t fit anyone over the age of 8, and if you’re going to hound them about cultural appropriation, then you’re just a childhood ruining asshole. 

when a child would put on that dress, it’s likely after seeing the movie - after seeing a beautiful, strong, wonder-seeking woman on screen and wanting to emulate that themselves. they don’t do it with the malice intentions of making fun of all Native American people 

I understand there’s a lot of bigger stuff at play here, but please, let kids be kids, let adults enjoy stuff from their childhood when they want to, and all you fucking bitter adults please stop projecting your inner depressions and political agendas onto harmless children’s cartoons 


“Harmless children’s cartoon”

Erasing indigenous history and whitewashing it is not harmless.

Romanticising the relationship between a nine year old girl and the man who kidnapped and raped her is not harmless.

Having indigenous children watch this happen so that white children can keep their innocence while they learn these things at a young age is not harmless.

Letting children dress up as a native because they don’t understand gives them the idea they can also do so as an adult and that’s where they grow up to wear warbonnets to festivals and perpetuate racist stereotypes. It’s not harmless.

Asking that a child rape victim not be made into a costume should not be seen as so unreasonable.

Romanticising the relationship between a nine year old girl and the man who kidnapped and raped her is not harmless.

I agree that the story of Matoaka–nicknamed Pocahontas–is nothing to romanticize. The kidnapping and the rape were very real–but they did NOT happen to a nine-year-old and were NOT done by John Smith. (Which, believe me, doesn’t make things one bit better.)

What follows is from an article by Vincent Schilling over at Indian Country.com. It’s based on written records and oral histories. And it is tragic.

When Pocahontas was about 15 or 16, the rumors of a possible kidnapping had become more of a threat and she was living with her husband Kocoum at his Potowomac village.

Yeah. The guy that Disneyhontas thought was “so serious”?

 The real Pocahontas married him.

An English colonist by the name of Captain Samuel Argall sought to find her, thinking that a captured daughter of the chief would thwart attacks by Natives.

Hearing of her whereabouts, Argall came to the village and demanded Chief Japazaw, brother of Pocahontas’ husband, to give up Pocahontas or suffer violence against his village. Overcome with grief at a horrible choice, he relented with a hopeful promise that she would only be gone temporarily. That was a promise Argall quickly broke.

Before Argall left the village, he gave Chief Japazaw a copper pot. He later claimed to have traded it for her. This “trade” is still taught by historians. This is akin to the way that Smith ‘traded’ for corn by holding a gun to the heads of chiefs.

Before leaving the village, Pocahontas had to give her baby (referred to as little Kocoum) to the women of the village. Trapped on board an English ship, she was not aware that when her husband returned to their village, he was killed by the colonists. 

The tribal chiefs of the Powhatan never retaliated for the kidnapping of Pocahontas, fearing they would be captured and that the beloved daughter of the chief and the “Peace Symbol of the Powhatan” might be harmed.

According to Dr. Linwood Custalow, a historian of the Mattaponi Tribe and the custodian of the sacred oral history of Pocahontas, soon after being kidnapped, she was suffering from depression and was growing more fearful and withdrawn. Her extreme anxiety was so severe her English captors allowed Pocahontas’ eldest sister Mattachanna and her husband Uttamattamakin to come to her aid.

Dr. Custalow writes in his book, The True Story of Pocahontas, The Other Side of History, that when Mattachanna and her husband Uttamattamakin, a spiritual advisor to Chief Wahunsenaca, Pocahontas confided in her sister.

When Mattachanna and Uttamattamakin arrived at Jamestown, Pocahontas confided in that she had been raped. Mattaponi sacred oral history is very clear on this: Pocahontas was raped. It is possible that it had been done to her by more than one person and repeatedly. My grandfather and other teachers of Mattaponi oral history said that Pocahontas was raped.

The possibility of being taken captive was a danger to be aware of in Powhatan Society, but rape was not tolerated. Rape in Powhatan Society was virtually unheard of because the punishment for such actions was so severe. Powhatan society did not have prisons. Punishment for wrongful actions often consisted of banishment from the tribe.

Historians differ on where Pocahontas was held, but tribal historians believe she was likely held in Jamestown, but was relocated to Henrico to when she was pregnant.

Pocahontas had a son, Thomas.

Mattaponi history is clear that Pocahontas had a son out of wedlock, Thomas, prior to her marriage to John Rolfe. Prior to that marriage, the colonists pressed Pocahontas to become “civilized” and often told her that her father did not love her because he had not come to rescue her.

Pocahontas often tore off her English clothes, because they were uncomfortable. Eventually, Pocahontas was converted to Christianity and took the name Rebecca.

By the way, she was held captive for over a year. 

In the midst of her captivity, the English colony of Jamestown was failing. John Rolfe was under a 1616 deadline to become profitable or lose the support of England. Rolfe sought to learn tobacco curing techniques from the Powhatan, but curing tobacco was a sacred practice not to be shared with outsiders. Realizing the political strength of aligning himself with the tribe, he eventually married Pocahontas.

After the two were married, the Powhatan spiritual leaders and family to Pocahontas shared the curing practice with Rolfe. Soon afterwards, Rolfe’s tobacco was a sensation in England, which saved the colony of Jamestown, as they finally found a profitable venture.

The Powhatan tribal lands were now highly sought after for the tobacco trade and the tribe suffered great losses of life and land at the hands of greedy tobacco farmers.

Rumors of the colonists desire to bring Pocahontas made its way to the Powhatan, who feared for her well-being and considered an attempt to rescue her. But Wahunsenaca feared his daughter might be harmed.

Rebecca “Pocahontas” Rolfe traveled to England with John Rolfe, her son Thomas Rolfe, Captain John Argall (who had kidnapped her) and several Native tribal members, including her sister Mattachanna.

Though many settlers were committing atrocities against the Powhatan, many elites in England did not approve of the mistreatment of natives. The bringing of Pocahontas to England to show friendship with Native nations was a key to continued financial support for the colonists.

According to the accounts of Mattachanna, she realized that she was being used and desperately desired to return home to her father and little Kocoum. During her travels in England, Pocahontas did meet John Smith and expressed outrage due to the mistreatment of his position as leader of the colonists and the betrayal to the Powhatan people.

After the journey and showing off of Pocahontas to the English elites, plans were made to return to Virginia in the spring of 1617. According to a recounting by Mattachanna, she was in good health while in England and on the ship preparing to go home.

Shortly after a dinner with Rolfe and Argall, she vomited and died. Those tribal members who were accompanying her, including her sister Mattachanna, said she was in previous good health and assessed she must have been poisoned due to her sudden death.

According to Mattaponi oral history, many of the Native people accompanying Pocahontas were sold as servants or carnival attractions or sent to Bermuda if they became pregnant after being raped and sold into slavery.

The poor girl deserved better. So did those accompanying her.

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Being reminded of this as a queer adult is so wild because you realize some very overt shit. Like, Bobby emits ice from his whole body. Grabbing the bottle was enough! In fact, he didn’t even have to grab the bottle, a simple poke would have worked or he could have shot ice from a distant. Him blowing on this bottle was 3000% overt flirting and honestly the gayest thing I’ve probably ever seen a mutant use their powers for and Wolverine was here for it all and no one will tell me differently.

It’s that eye contact

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