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February 05 2018


A personal view about Taichi and his relationships [Part 2]


Having explained my personal view of Taichi’s personality and his development in Digimon Adventure, no analysis will be complete without Agumon and the role he plays in his life.

The Digimon partners: a manifestation of the children’s hearts

But I don’t think it’s possible to look into Taichi and Agumon without first acknowledging some characteristics that at least in my opinion are common to (if not dominant across) all eight Digimon-Human relationships.

  • Every Digimon nurtures an unconditional loyalty to the Chosen Child they’re partened with. The Child isn’t just their source of strength, they’re the absolute reason they exist;
  • In return, the Chosen Children respond with an attitude of gratitude towards the Digimon that only grows stronger with time, showing the symbiosis is mutual;

Sometimes the partnership is so strong the Digimon partners may seem devoided of personality strong enough to be told apart of the Chosen Child they are partened with. That in my opinion is especially true in regard to Agumon.

When they first met in File Island, Koromon didn’t just freak Taichi out by displaying the sight of his formless pink body before his eyes. The second issue to confuse Taichi was that the creature knew exactly who he was, way before Taichi went throught the formality of telling him his name. 


For a long time the only justification for this bond seems to lie in the nature of this TV show – Digimon Adventure is an animation created to advertise Bandai’s line of toys and v-pets, of course they would portray a solid relationship between children and their toys – the monsters.

But they took the extra step of attempting to justify the phenomenon from the viewpoint of the storytelling, namely by explaining the nature of prophecy and how it all began.

For a while I kept asking myself whether this Koromon was the reincarnation of that Greymon who fought Parrotmon in Hikarigaoka, because he claims not to remember any of those events even though Taichi felt oddly familiar the first time he met him in File Island. Turns out this may not be quite the case.

Everything becomes clearer in Episode 45, and this is the episode that really came to change and shape my whole perception of this show. Their take on it is surprisingly nice.


This is the episode the Homeostasis possess Hikari and explain they have created the eggs of the eight Digimon after having scanned the data of the Children, in the year of 1995. It’s the first explanation to Agumon’s strong connection to Taichi, but they go deeper instead of keeping it at that.

The Homeostasis explain what data they found in the Children. It turns out each had an unique virtue, qualities similar to those Taichi and Hikari possessed in Hikarigaoka that were able to evolve the mysterious Koromon who fought Parrotmon.

They scanned that data, saw the advantages of those qualities, and decided to create the Digimon partners so they could benefit from that source of power.


At this point, I’m almost too tempted to call the Digimon partners “walking backup data” of how the children used to be in Hikarigaoka. xD But they’re more like living creatures especially designed to bring back and develop that inner potential found in those Children.

When you find titles such as “The Golden Compass” among the many books that have inspirated Digimon Adventure, suddenly, it doesn’t feel entirely cryptic to have Taichi calling Agumon “my other me” in the audio drama “Digimon Adventure: Original Story, two-and-a-half year break” (this is the audio drama that explains why Jou decides to become a doctor afterall).

The Digimon are eerily similar to the “Daemons” of Philip Pullman’s epic trilogy “His Dark Materials" – physical personifications of the soul of a person in the form of animals who can change their physical appearance during their childhood.

It’s just my personal take on it, but for me the eight Chosen Children are the characters who actually need to evolve, while the Digimon partners are more like the voices of their consciousness, that exist to mirror that evolution. They basically exist to assist the children during their growth, at the same time they ensure the pure hearts they used to have in their most tender childhoods never go lost in the process.

In the actual show we have Gennai telling the children it’s their job to raise the digimon so they can evolve properly. What he doesn’t say is that in doing so they’re basically working to improve themselves.

It doesn’t necessarily translate to Digimon with personalities similar to that of the Chosen Children. It means however the Digimon are exactly who the children need by their sides, in order to nurture and develop who they are.

  • This explains the sadness and distress each digimon goes through everytime the Chosen Child goes astray or accidentally betrays the nature of their crest – their heart. (I mean, remember the episode Tentomon regressed to Babumon when Vademon stole Koushirou’s curiosity? His very thirst of knowledge?)
  • This is perhaps the key to what makes each digimon-human relationship so unique: in some cases the digimon grows a different personality from the child (e.g. Gomamon) and in other cases they need to be similar to them to some degree. No child is equal to another.

The principle should apply to every Digimon-Human relationship, of course.

This logic makes it easier for me to accept Agumon’s unconditional devotion for Taichi, or the fact he seems to agree with his line of thinking more often than not.

Suddenly, it makes sense that Agumon feels guilty after having evolved to SkullGreymon, instead of simply blaming Taichi. Or that Agumon himself became affraid of evolving again, just like his human partner did.


Taichi’s attitude towards Agumon’s existence is interesting too.

As confused and freaked out as he was, Taichi acknowledged and respected Koromon as soon as he risked his own life to save him against an insect 100 times his size.

It’s true every digimon partner did this in the first episode, but I can’t help thinking it was Koromon’s Courage what allowed the first sparkle of this bond to ignite so fast. Characters like Sora or Jou didn’t have things going this smooth with their partners from the beginning.

One way or another from beginning to end, the very existence of Agumon is a source of inspiration for Taichi. The digimon isn’t aware of it, he just naturally is, by existing and being the innocent and simple dinossaur he is.

In the audio drama I’ve mentioned above, it’s implied that after the first Adventure in the Digital World and after having returned to the real world, Taichi got so depressed Agumon wasn’t with him anymore he lost all motivation to play soccer. Apparently he spent the rest of the summer holidays feeling down, just like that. It was only after a brief encounter with Agumon that Taichi regained the motivation to play again. Because he found Agumon practicing with a soccer ball. In return, he felt he needed to live up to Agumon’s expectations and started practicing again.

The audio drama may or may not be the reason Taichi seems to put all his heart into practicing soccer whenever he’s depressed, confused, or when he simply misses Agumon.


I won’t say Agumon’s portrayal in Digimon Adventure tri is similar to the classic series because honestly that’s debatable, but lately I’ve been wondering whether the reason Agumon seems so hungry all the time (and by this I mean more than usual… xD) isn’t meant to mirror Taichi’s state of mind. lol Awkward humour aside.

It’s probably just some random coincidence, but it reminds me of the first official profile I read of Taichi short before the first tri movie came out. It said at age 17 Taichi is hungry all the time because he’s growing up fast. In my defense, it’s not like Taichi has carved for just food lately. Him feeling lost about the future and all.

Anyway, this doesn’t necessarily cover every aspect of Taichi and Agumon’s relationship and I’m sure I could talk about a lot more…. but it should give a general idea of how I think their dynamic works. I would have trouble making sense of this relationship without any of this in mind.

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Are you sure?

These pictures make me so happy. They’re so full of unconditional love and family.
That’s what family is about.

February 04 2018

Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give but cannot. All of that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go.
— unknown
(via asleepytaem)
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The sight of a woman frantically giving CPR to her tiny, 5-month-old nephew along a busy Miami highway is enough to instill fear into any parent.

After the dramatic photos went viral, many asked if they knew what to do to save their own children. The answer, said Dr. Robert A. Berg, one of the world’s leading experts in CPR, is simple: “Do something.”

Too many people, he said, are afraid to make a mistake with CPR. They call 911 and wait. “And I guarantee that if you do not do anything, and that child’s heart has stopped, he won’t live.”

All too often, small children die needlessly. According to Berg, about 6,000 children per year suffer what’s called out-of-hospital, non-traumatic cardiac arrest. The cause could be a stuck piece of food, a bit of vomit blocking an airway, mucus from a cold. Survival among infants who suffer such cardiac arrest is about 3.3 percent. It could be much higher.

Photographer Al Diaz said he took the pictures in Miami after helping the family “in the hopes that it will inspire someone to take up CPR in the future.”

A person whose heart has stopped will appear “lifeless,” said Berg, chief of critical care medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. But if there’s any doubt, Berg said, do full CPR alternating chest compressions with breathing.

According to American Heart Association guidelines Berg helped create, a lone rescuer should perform 30 chest compressions, two mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose breath resuscitations, and repeat the cycle, preferably while another person calls 911. (If there’s nobody else, start CPR before calling 911 yourself.)

Begin with the compressions. Without fresh blood, the brain will be damaged. The chest compressions should be “aggressive,” Berg said.

Guidelines call for two fingers on the lower sternum for small children, but Berg doesn’t want people to worry so much about that. Pressing hard enough to break a child’s bones isn’t all that easy, and if one does break, “that’s OK,” given the alternative of death.

Berg passionately encourages people to take a basic CPR course and suggests that ideally, anybody who looks after children should know the basics. But even without training, people should not hesitate.

“If you do something whenever somebody is lifeless and unresponsive, you have a chance to save a life. If you do nothing, you’ve lost that chance.”

Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/message-parents-dramatic-cpr-rescue-do-something-n35801

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And cats.  Blue Buffalo killed @sidneystrange ‘s cat.


I’ve been telling everyone I know for YEARS not to buy Blue Buffalo.

This is the short story:

A few years ago I took my sick cat, Ankh, to the vet. The vet and vet tech asked what I fed her. I told them Blue Buffalo. They looked like I had just told them I fed her razor blades and cyanide. They diagnosed her with pancreatitis and said that nearly all of the cats they’d been seeing lately with pancreatitis were being fed Blue Buffalo.  They gave her medicine and sent her home.  Two days later she had a seizure and died right in my arms. 

The day after she died Hannibal started displaying the same symptoms she had so I panicked hard and took him to the vet.  Got the same meds and the same diagnosis.  Luckily Hannibal survived.

I wish Ankh had survived. She was only ten and the best cat I’ve ever had. Literally the best and five years later I still cry when I think about her.


I don’t know the full story behind the tweets above, but a Google search shows there HAVE been several recalls regarding this brand, especially in 2016. I would absolutely avoid as it is not worth the risk.


Good god thank you so much for sharing this because I’ve lately been considering switching to this brand cus it’s supposed to be so much better than all the others but good god what the hell.

I worked in a vet for a little while and I shit you not, when a dog came in with constant diarrhea they were always eating Blue Buffalo. We changed the food and the dog got better every time. Blue Buffalo is garbage food and never feed it to your pets.

I’ve never heard of this brand but I love my dog with all of my heart and I’d be broken if I ever accidently fed her this and got her sick (people give me different dog food to try all the time). I’d hate for anyone else to lose their pet also.

um?? what the fuck? holy FUCK my boyfriend and I were just about to start feeding our cat blue buffalo omg

Wft really?? Im never going to buy that killer food!! Praying for your pets!

I’m so glad I know this, I’d be heartbroken if my dog died

I googled, and this is an American company. It figures. This is what happens when people don’t believe in regulations.


Flash Fic Nights: TMFU edition


I kinda want to dip my toes into writing The Man from U.N.C.L.E characters to get further into the mutant!Napoleon fic so if anyone has prompts for ficlets that would be super rad! I’m working solely with movie verse, and Napollya is my main point of interest shipping wise, but I’m open to trying different things as well.

Usual rules

  • The usual length for these ficlets runs around 500 words, but longer things have been known to happen.
  • I will not write: rape/non-con, daddy kink, or any prompt I find myself uncomfortable with.
  • While this is a themed post, any fandom I’ve written in is fair game.

Help a guy out?

It’s still ongoing, btw. I’m working on the second prompt I got so far (Illya is proving a little trickier than anticipated) but feel free to send me more, I’ll get to them during the week :3

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me, wandering shoeless through the snowy wastes of ao3: please… all i want is for luke and leia to have grown up together…… blease…………..





I feel like, to keep ourselves feeling okay and to distribute our rage towards the real problems a bit more, it would help if we would all just not waste emotions on or write posts about a hypothetical bad person we’ve never met.

For example: I know sooooooo many vegans and I have never met anyone who puts their dog or cat on a vegan diet. Not one. Never. So why would I spend time raging about their theoretical existence online? I’m beginning to think there are about a 1000 times more posts about people who feed their cat vegan food then there are people who actually feed their cat vegan food. What a complete waste of our anger.

I have met rapists, transphobes, racists, sexists, etc. So ya know, I’m a little more likely to focus my attention on them.

If you ask me, I think it’s babies we need to worry about more than pets.

There’s actually been instances of people trying to feed their unweaned babies on vegan diets.

Which baffles the hell out of me, because, y’know…breastfeeding?

Again, I feel like these people are either completely mythical or one in a million because I have never ever ever come across anything remotely like it in all my time around vegans, which is, ya know, a lot. There are countless conversations among vegans about at which age it is appropriate to let a minor choose to stop eating meat and share the same meals as their parents if they want to and how ethical it is to encourage such a choice.

Shitty parents and pet owners exist. Parents who feed their babies whisky to shut them up exist. People who leave their cat alone indoors for months with an automatic feeding machine exist. Outliers exist and we do usually not bring them up when discussing pet ownership or child raising.

So like, since forcing pets or kids into veganism is not ‘a thing’ that you’re remotely likely to find among vegans at all, why do people bring up this kind of shit all the time or even ask vegans to ‘distance themselves’ from these stories?

This is such a waste of our attention and anger and I think it is mostly about people trying to feel superior in some way to hypothetical ‘bad vegans’ whom they’ve never actually encountered.

(I didn’t really intend for this post to be about veganism at all but ya know, there I go)

February 03 2018

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tattoo this on my flesh

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— Thor sitting on Hlidskjalf, Thor: Ragnarok (2017) dir. Taika Waititi


‘Sound Of Silence’ Begins To Play. In Seconds, Haunting Performance Takes Everyone’s Breath Away







I do not watch figure skating for reasons. This is absolutely beautiful.  They are so well physically matched, they are like one being. Neither tries to outshine the other. Go watch it.

…holy crap. Talk about in sync with each other.

holy shot how even?!

This is so beautiful. The amount of trust involved in pairs skating always blows me away.

@terresdebrume Your people did good!

They diiiid! I couldn’t reblog the video when I saw it earlier, and I won’t pretend to be well versed in figure skating but HOT DAMN I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen ♡

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I’ve been asked many times what someone should look for when trying to find a good artist. The best way you can do this is to look at their portfolio, whether it’s in a book at their shop or online. If they don’t have good work in their portfolio, they’re probably not good artists.

The shop may be clean, the people there might be nice, and the design they draw up for you might be exactly what you want, but if your artist doesn’t stand up to the points listed above, then you’re going to get a bad tattoo.

It’s okay to walk into a shop, talk with an artist for a while, and decide you don’t want a tattoo from them. Even if the artist has a bad attitude about it or tries to convince you to just let them do it, remember this is going to be on your body for the rest of your life.

This is fucking fantastic thank you!!

I’d really like to see what a water color tattoo looks like after a few years, though.





i think oceans 8 looks dykey & great but it’s worth noting all the white protagonists are upper class professionals and all the women of color protagonists are……street conman! jewlery bootlegger! hacker but like the kind that lives in a shitty apartment! and that’s it. Women-fronted movies have long been having issues with racial dynamics let’s try to change that yes thanks

tru but

  • the women of color are just as professional in their fields as the white women. the white women are just as criminal as the woc. judging from the trailer, three of them got their upper class lives from stealing. one of them (helena bonham carter) seems like a ditz. 
    none of these women are respectable, ethically speaking. 
  • a majority of woc are poor in real life. we live in shitty apartments. we work shitty jobs. sometimes it do be like that.
  • donna meagle, a character in parks and rec, was portrayed as a rich, boujee, sophisticated woman. she was secretive and sexy, she was shown to be desired by all sorts of conventionally attractive men. she was played by Retta; a fat, dark skinned black woman. people complained about how her character was unrealistic and didn’t portray the lives of black women accurately.
    there’s no one role/character that can accurately portray the lives of women of color. this is a fantastic start.
  • this movie looks great, like you said. it represents women of color. we are starving for representation. and here we are, represented. this is great. please watch this movie.
  • this movie cannot flop. misogynists are rooting for this to fail. they want female-led action movies to stop being a thing. remember ghostbusters?
  • the lack women in STEM has been an issue for years now. the lack of woc specifically in STEM is also a problem that doesn’t get talked about as much because it just gets grouped into the issue of “women in STEM”. to see a computer savvy black woman is something new and refreshing.
  • personally speaking, as an asian woman, i’m thrilled to see an asian woman who is a con artist.
    what are the expected jobs for asian women in media and society? doctors? nurses? therapists? something dutiful? cosmetologists? masseuses? something sexual?
    asians are seen as the “model minority”. it’s a stereotype and everyone should know at this point that there’s no such thing as a positive stereotype.
    to see a cool, street smart asian woman conning people out of money? performing sleight of hand tricks? being a thief? is thrilling tbh
  • op is white. i’m a woman of color. thought i could share my thoughts.

    Those are all really good points. This is actually a really great post as a whole. OP @benepla is doing a great job, as a white person, to be instantly critical and suspicious about the respectful portrayal of WOC, and @tachypneic (and most importantly her perspective and reassurance) is so important because she has the intracommunity perspective to offer that analysis. Anyway, I’m way more reassured feeling about this after seeing both of these comments on it so close to each other like this.

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    Hela lockscreens for anon!

    [marvel lockscreens]
    [all lockscreens]

    February 02 2018

    8207 774a


    1977 vs 2015








    do waitresses know that i love them and appreciate everything they do

    i had the nicest waitress today who told me my outfit was cute and i wish i was rich cuz I would’ve tipped her so much more if I could

    If you ever actually wanna help your waitress out, ask to speak to their manager before you leave and then tell the manager how awesome they are.

    Trust me, it makes a difference. Servers who get compliments from guests and customers get better hours, and the more you’re liked by the people who come in the more forgiving the bosses are when shit goes awry (say if you’re sick or you have a flat so you’re late, etc).

    Tell the manager. Do it! Aside from tipping it’s one of the best things you can do for us. Tell the manager you thought we were great. Tell the manager that we’re the reason you’re gonna come back. Talk us up! It’s a little like job security - if you tell the manager we’re the reason you’re here, they’re gonna be a lot more reluctant to let us go because then they’re losing your business, and they don’t want that. 

    this is good advice, thank you 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    And managers are SO SURPRISED AND PLEASED when you ask to compliment, rather than complain.  They really listen.

    also be like “Can I tell your manager how amazing you are?” so they’re not worried about what you’re going to say. be effusive. say you come for their wonderful service. 


    Flash Fic Nights: TMFU edition


    I kinda want to dip my toes into writing The Man from U.N.C.L.E characters to get further into the mutant!Napoleon fic so if anyone has prompts for ficlets that would be super rad! I’m working solely with movie verse, and Napollya is my main point of interest shipping wise, but I’m open to trying different things as well.

    Usual rules

    • The usual length for these ficlets runs around 500 words, but longer things have been known to happen.
    • I will not write: rape/non-con, daddy kink, or any prompt I find myself uncomfortable with.
    • While this is a themed post, any fandom I’ve written in is fair game.

    Help a guy out?

    Spreading this to the main!


    Flash Fic Nights: TMFU edition

    I kinda want to dip my toes into writing The Man from U.N.C.L.E characters to get further into the mutant!Napoleon fic so if anyone has prompts for ficlets that would be super rad! I’m working solely with movie verse, and Napollya is my main point of interest shipping wise, but I’m open to trying different things as well.

    Usual rules

    • The usual length for these ficlets runs around 500 words, but longer things have been known to happen.
    • I will not write: rape/non-con, daddy kink, or any prompt I find myself uncomfortable with.
    • While this is a themed post, any fandom I’ve written in is fair game.

    Help a guy out?

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